Top 3 Self Destructive Habits Can Ruin Your Life In No Time.

Top 3 Self Destructive Habits Can Ruin Your Life In No Time.



We have a variety of different habits. Among them, some are good habits and some are bad habits but a few of them are way too bad for you we call them self-destructive habits or self-destructive behavior.

It is perfectly normal to have habits but we must be cautious about habits that can ruin our life really quickly and it became hard to recover from them afterward.

All the habits are acquired behavior. We acquire habits based on decisions on what is good and what is bad for us, based on our life experiences, based upon the activities going on in our surroundings.

Whether the habit is good or bad, is a subjective term. Which one is a good habit and which one is a bad habit may vary from person to person and place to place. But there are certain habits that are indeed bad no matter who you are or no matter where you live.

Bad habits can ruin your career, relationship, your social life, and the list go on.

As we have seen earlier, all the habits are acquired behavior which means it is possible to get rid of them with conscious efforts and discipline. I understand that it is not easy to get away from bad habits as it looks but it is not impossible either. All of us can give try because prevention is better than cure.

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Here are the 3 most self-destructive habits aka self-destructive behaviors that can ruin your life in no time.


Now you might be wondering how comparison creates so much trouble in our life? Well, this is because of the fear of endangerment, aka fear of falling behind in the race to be best in the group.

Our evolutionary instincts tell us that falling behind the race makes you endangered species and will get extinct one day. Here the meaning of extinct is getting forgotten by people or accepting that you are an inferior person to someone. This feeling is frustrating and disrespectful to people which leads to either jealousy or anger and rage.

You will be agreeing that comparison is the biggest killer of happiness. The comparison does it in many ways.

When you compare yourself with others it creates the feeling of secret hate inside your mind for that person. The hate either results in the jealousy and envy, or anger and rage or both. All of them are harmful to your happiness.

For example, when you directly or indirectly compare yourself with your friends or with associates you start feeling jealous of him/her. Or in an extreme case, you get envious of him. You start feeling negative and down as soon as you see that person, sometimes even with the thought.

You start hating them as subconsciously you label them superior to you. This hate leads to anger and rage. You keep searching for chances to downgrade them. Or sometimes pick a fight with them out of hate and revenge.

But in the comparison battle with other people, your happiness vanishes into the thin air.

Some of us have a habit of comparing people with each other like compairing your one friend with other friend. In this case, you have to be cautious because this can hurt their feelings and they may leave you or start hating you secretly and you may end up losing your good friends.

If you wanted to be happy and satisfied in life never compare yourself with others. This way comparison is one of the important self-destructive habits. If this is you stop it right away.


Overthinking is continuous and constant thinking about the variety of things that is related or unrelated to your life, especially about consequences and upcoming dangers. Overthinking is often unrealistic.

It can affect your life in many ways. such as it makes your conscious mind turbulent. The conscious mind mainly deals with creative ideas and decision-making.

Overthinking decreases your creativity as your creative mind is busy thinking about random and unrealistic things. People who overthinking find it difficult to work on creative ideas like designing, learning skills, art, planning, and executing.

It also affects our decision-making as overthinking makes us feel negative, unhappy, unsatisfied, fearful, anxious, and with a lack of self-confidence.

Oops..! so many negative emotions can arise inside us with just a single bad habit.

The root cause of overthinking is thinking about consequences especially the danger and trouble that your action will bring if you do or did something. But 99% of the time these consequences are in the form of thought only, as you are imagining what will happen if you do something.

Overthinking make the small and tiny problem look like a huge and serious one.

On many occasions you also know from inside that what you are thinking is not rational and it may not happen in the future but still, you feel fearful and negative. This makes you stressed and fearful. In extreme cases, this makes you anxious and withdrawn.

Stress and anxiety are super damaging to your mental health.

Overthinking is addictive, you get comfortable after few days. Whenever you get free time you switch on the button. And if you didn’t do anything, it will switch on to automatic mode one day.

Overthinking will steal your happiness and make your life miserable. You just hang out in nowhere and end up spending your energy on unrealistic and useless thoughts.


Addiction of any kind is bad for your mind, body as well as social status. Once out of control you will not help but make your life a complete mess.

You must have heard a lot about how addiction is damaging for your mental health and physical health and believe me it is all true.

Whether it may be an addiction to drugs, medicine, drinks, gambling, porn, sex, technology, tobacco, or any other things all have relatively the same effect.

Now you must be wondering how on the planet earth addiction affect you?

First, we will see the effect on mental health. The root cause of why you get addicted to things is the Dopamine hormone. Dopamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter aka happiness hormone.

Dopamine is responsible for experiencing emotions such as the feeling of extreme pleasure, happiness, or overwhelmed.

All the things you can get addicted to are short-time pleasure giving. Which lets us feel pleasure by stimulating our body to secrete dopamine hormone.

If we repeat this behavior a couple of times our body gets addicted to high dopamine surge. Our body craves that feeling of overwhelm over and over again. In another word, feeling of extreme pleasure and we can’t help but repeat that behavior again and again.

And if for any reason addicted people don’t get to do that they start craving for dose of dopamine. They start feeling desperate, sad, angry, anxious, and or depressed.

To achieve that pleasure, they can go to any level as they procrastinate, skip work, spend a lot of money to use addiction-causing things, beg people to ask for money, rob people, or sometimes become violent criminals.

Addiction is a super self-destructive habit, which can make you stay broke for lifetime, jobless, low-status person in the society, may put you behind the bar, can be responsible to end your relationship, or make you physically weak and miserably for rest of the life.

What are some self destructive habits?

The 3 most self-destructive habits that can ruin your life in no time,
1. Comparing yourself with others.
2. Overthinking.
3. Addiction of any kind.

Why do people do self destructive things?

Many reasons can be possible but the commonest reasons are,
1. Emotional breakdown,
2. Low emotional intelligence,
3. To feel confident,
4. Stress
5. Lack of self-worth.

How to stop self destructive habit?

Self-awareness is the most important thing to quit these habits. Until and unless you realize that how bad they are for your health you can not quiet it. Help from the therapist is most recommended.