Top 5 Hacks To Make People Follow You Like Crazy.

Top 5 Hacks To Make People Follow You Like Crazy.

people follow you like crazy


Every single person aspires to become the most followed person but only a few can actually achieve the trust and loyalty of people.

Leadership word is mainly based on the phenomenon of how people follow you, respect you, adore you no matter what work you do, what position you hold in the hierarchy or what is your economic status. If you want people to follow you like crazy like the real leader, continue reading…


This simply means people follow you blindly, your words mean everything to them. They can do anything for you. You are a leader or mentor for them and they can die for you.

Now you must be wondering is this even possible? What must be the difference between such a leader and other people whom people avoid or do not follow willingly?

Well, there are certain qualities few leaders have that separate them from the masses and make them highly followed people. Yes, it is possible that people can follow like you crazy for instance Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more…


People don’t follow your advice they only follow you only on two conditions first if you make them feel good and if in any way you can inspire them to do things. Let’s understand this in more detail.

There are several qualities one can have which will make people follow you like crazy but following are most important out of that.

As a leader if you master these five qualities people will follow you blindly can do anything for you,


Making people feel safe is the way to reach their hearts. There are people working around you they may be from your family, workplace or social group. If you chose to lead them your first priority will be to make them feel safe.

Every leader’s first priority should be to protect the people working for him or working under him or people who put trust in him. He must defend them whenever needed. He must take a stand for them when needed.

If you do that people will feel safe and comfortable while working under you. This action of you will create respect for you and they start believing in you, admiring you because they know no matter what happens you will save them.

They will be loyal to you for your whole life and do whatever is needed to keep your word. In other words, people will follow you like crazy.

So, if you want to make people follow you like crazy, make them feel safe.


This is the favourite part for every person. If you want to make people follow you like crazy, you must help them to earn money.

Along with all the other things you are doing for your people you should also focus on helping them to make a good amount of money.

I must mention here conspicuously that I am talking about proper and legitimate ways of earning money and not the one that the law considers illegal because you don’t want to put them in trouble. As you also consider about their safety.

Helping people to earn money means you will create new job opportunities for them, helping them to get a dream job, or helping them to start new businesses.

If you do this people will follow like crazy because they know that you are the one who helps them to bring food to the plate. With this money they and their family can live happening and good life.

This way people will follow you and stay loyal to you.


Take a genuine interest in the people working with you or working for you. Now you must be wondering what is this taking genuine interest really means.

This means you show interest in everything that is related to the people you are leading.

This simply means giving them your attention, spending some time with them, talking to them about random things, listening to their problems and shortcomings, And always being available for them.

I can understand as a team leader you have a lot of things to do but you must take some time out to do these things for them.

In other words, take interest in them with all your loyalty.

This action of you makes them feel special and heard. They feel happy and start adoring you.

If you take interest in them they will take double interest in you.

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Being judgemental is a big-time turn off for people and no one like judgemental people. Judgemental people are people repellent.

Don’t be judgemental with people around you, instead try to be companionate.  Because you are surrounded with hundreds or thousands of people from workplace, neighbourhood or from relative and family members. And several of them may have one or more problems like disability, diseases or any other you can think of.

Never judge the people working for you or under you. Try to understand their situation, the time they are facing.

Don’t judge people based on caste, creed, colour, ethnicity, sex, work, orientation, nationality, likes and dislikes.

If you judge them they stop respecting you and start hating, you secretly. This kills their loyalty to you, they start keeping their distance from you. This way you start losing people.

Instead, if you are understanding, compassionate and a believer in equality they will love to work with you or love to hang out with you.

If you want to make people follow you like crazy, don’t be judgemental.


Empathy is the medicine of the broken and damaged heart. Always be empathetic to people around you because you don’t know who is suffering and your kind words may make their day.

From the outside, most of the people look happy-go-lucky and doing well but from inside everyone is fighting their own battle, everyone is suffering from different problems still they are brave enough to smile and do daily chores because life goes on.

That’s why always be empathetic toward people following you. They need moral support from you and wanted to feel loved and pampered.

If you want to make people follow you like crazy be empathetic to them.


People don’t want you to do larger than life things for them to follow you they have small wishes and wants to fulfil.

So If you are willing to make people follow you like crazy start implementing the above mention habits and behaviour in your day to day life. And you will see the result.


How to make people follow you like crazy?

Following five hacks can make people follow you like crazy,
1. Make them feel safe.
2. Help them to earn money.
3. Take interest in them.
4. Don’t be judgemental.
5. Be Empathetic.

Why are some leaders more successful in making people follow them?

People only follow those people who are either able to make them feel safe and good or to those who can inspire them. Few people work on this principle which leads to gaining loyal followers.

Why was Martine Luther King Jr was most followed leader of all time?

As per my opinion, Martine Luther King Jr. Fought for people’s safety and prosperity. He was one of the most inspiring public figures ever lived in the US.