3 Simple Hacks To Detox Your Body.


The phrase “to detox your body” essentially means getting rid of all the toxins and non-essential chemicals from our body and or avoiding getting them inside our body or getting produced in our body by any means.

You can typify Detox into different categories such as physical or physiological and mental detox. In this article, we are mostly talking about the physiological detox of our body but we do not forget there is mental or psychological detox is also important for complete well-being.

Psychological detox includes getting rid of and or avoiding all the factors that may affect our mental health. But that is another topic of discussion, here will focus on the physiological detox of your body.

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Actually, our body has the inbuilt system to throw out all the toxins, free radicles, and other harmful materials that are coming in from outside with food, water, or air or generated inside the body out of chemical and metabolic reactions that are happening in our body on daily basis. For example, reactions take place in our Liver, Kidney, Skin, Intestines, etc.

In the medieval period, people were living close to nature for instance, breathing in clean air, drinking natural water, eating organic and naturally grown food, and living close to the environment. These habits make them devoid of toxins and eventually away from diseases.

But now things have changed. People are living mostly in the urban and semi-urban areas where you will get artificially grown and preserved food to eat, unclean water, polluted air, and living in the cement jungle. Also, people are switching more to junk food or unhealthy dietary habits.

So, our naturally inbuilt body detoxing system needs a little boost from the outside to cope with toxins. In other words, the body’s detoxing system cannot bear such a heavy load caused by the change in the so-called modern lifestyle.

This is why detoxing your body from time to time is helpful to stay healthy and at ease.


As we stated earlier, it is defined as either getting rid of toxins from the body or avoiding it to enter into the body for the sake of a healthy and fit body or to maintain the homeostasis of body systems and functioning.


You can’t control certain things affecting your body’s physiology such as unclean air, polluted water, and food that has no nutrition. But there are a few things you can actually control or do to detox your body.

Here is what you can do to detox your body,

1. DIET.

Diet is one of the important factors. A good, nutritious, and balanced diet is necessary for your body to work properly.

An unbalanced diet or junk diet like all kinds of junk foods, packed foods, chemically preserved food, fried food, or food having a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, or a high level of sugar content can produce more free radicles, cholesterol, triglycerides, and other toxic byproducts. These things can disturb the body’s physiological ecosystem and can damage the cells and vital organs. Or give rise to different types of diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart attack, and Kidney and Liver diseases.

On the other hand, a diet rich in antioxidants like Vit-C, Vit-E, and Selenium will counter the free radicals and some toxins that may damage the cells.

Other nutrients can also be important to boost the functionality of vital organs like the liver and kidney which we will see in detail later in this article.

A good diet is also responsible for developing a good immune response.

Not to forget drinking a good amount of water is necessary. An average adult living in normal cozy weather needs to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.


Changing habits or a few lifestyle changes you need to do to detox your body.

For Example,


As we have seen above food habits can cause a significant difference in life. It plays one of the most important parts in detoxing and staying in good health.

Change your food habits today if necessary take advice from a dietitian or physician. This step will help to detox your body both by detoxifying free radicals and avoiding taking more damaging content that is present in the food.


To burn the fat and extra calories from the body you need to increase bodily movements such as exercise, cycling, swimming, hiking, jogging, or participating in outdoor sports.

This will help by burning extra calories and kilos. Also, the perspiration you will get after exercise will help the skin to get rid of waste material from the body. 


For us, sleep may be the resting period but for the body, it is recharging time. Our body replenishes all the enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and other essential things that are required for our body to continue the process of metabolism or to do all kinds of activity.


Meditation may not help physiology directly but it will surely help you to get away from stress, worry, mental tiredness, and mental health problems, and eventually, all this will help our body to work properly.


Any kind of addiction such as smoking, tobacco, substance, alcohol, or binge watching is harmful to our body. You must avoid doing this.


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Our body has a full flagged system that is continuously working to detoxify or denature the excess, unwanted, and harmful substances from our body.

It will be confusing to discuss them collectively, so I will try to elaborate on their individual functions and what can you do to keep them working with ease or what to do to help them work properly.

So let’s understand it as separate-separate organs,

 1. LIVER.

The liver itself has the biggest contribution in detoxing all the toxins, toxic substances, free radicles, by-products of chemical reactions happening inside the body, and excess enzymes and hormones.

Our liver detoxifies them by doing some chemical reaction on them and converting them into complex but nontoxic material which is eventually thrown out by the kidney through urine, through the skin by perspiration, and through stool.

The liver keeps doing its work round the clock but we can help the liver by stoping overloading it and by keeping it healthy by eating the food that is good for liver health i. e. protein-rich diet, green leafy vegetables having antioxidants or nutrient-rich supplements, or avoiding food that can be harmful to the liver junk food having a high level of trans fat or high level of sugar.

Also, some habits like chronic drinking of alcohol, and substance abuse are harmful to the liver and you must avoid them to keep your liver healthy.


The kidney is another important player in detoxing our body. Hence it is our responsibility to keep kidneys healthy because no one but only the kidney can do its work.

So kidneys detox our body by removing all the waste material, toxic substances, and unused substances present in the blood. It also removes excess minerals and water from our blood to maintain homeostasis.

Along with water all this waste gets filtered and thrown out in the form of urine.

If you have noticed water plays an important role in this process. So drinking less water can be harmful to our kidneys.

Less water in the blood creates hypovolemia and hypovolemia affects the filtration process by filtrating less amount of filtrate or by reabsorbing water from the filtrate to compensate for the body’s needs but this makes filtrate highly concentrated.

This puts strain on the kidney and severe and prolonged hypovolemia can damage the function of the kidney.

A high concentration of filtrate can give rise to urinary stones which eventually damaging to the kidney.

Drink a good amount of water such as 2-3 liters per day or more if living in hot and arid weather. Eat healthy food.

Holding urine for a long time can put back pressure on the kidney which may compromise its function and can also damage the kidney in chronic cases.

Some medicines are highly damaging to the kidneys. You must know about them. I advise you to take physicians’ advice before taking any kind of medicine.

3. SKIN.

Skin removes waste created by metabolism and also removes excess materials present in our body during the act of perspiration.

To keep your skin healthy, you have to take certain measures like taking care of your skin such as do not apply toxic material to your skin, eating healthy foods, and food rich in vitamins A, E, B, and C.


Immune systems also help to detoxify the body by destroying toxic or harmful material entered into the body by phagocytosis (i.e. Act of eating the harmful substance and destroying it by chemical reaction).

Again take measures that will boost your immunity like healthy and nutritious food, drinking ample water, exercise, and supplements if prescribed by professionals.


The body to function properly your digestion needs to be proper so that the intestine can absorb the nutrients properly. Also intestine helps to remove excess materials unwanted materials and toxic substances from our body.


We don’t need to do extraordinary things to detoxify our bodies. We just have to support our inbuilt system by supporting it to function normally and avoiding putting extra load onto it.

So this way, above mentioned three hacks will help you detox your body.

What do you mean by full body detox or detox your body?

It is defined as either getting rid of toxins from the body or avoiding them from entering the body for the sake of a healthy and fit body or to maintain the homeostasis of body systems and functioning.

How do you detox your body?

You must have read a lot of content on this topic but here is my opinion.
Follow the following three simple hacks to detox your body,
1. Diet.
2. Change habits and lifestyle.
3. Helping the internal detoxifying system to work properly.

Is body detox useful to lose weight?

There are some people who claim it is true but I recommend you to take advice from experts like dietitians.