Digital Abuse: This Is Why It Is A Serious Problem And Must Not Be Neglected.

Digital Abuse: This Is Why It Is A Serious Problem And Must Not Be Neglected.

digital abuse


Digital abuse is quite a new concept to the world but as people using more and more internet technology and gadgets, it is increasing steadily. As per one survey, today approximately 4.66 billion people are using the internet actively around the world and 3.5 billion people are using mobile phones in the world and this figure is increasing vastly every passing day.

Though internet and mobile phone brings ease to our life at the same time it has brought the problems also. Digital abuse is one of them.


Digital abuse is harassing, spying, blackmailing, demeaning, threatening, and bullying people i.e. spouse, friend, associates, or unknown people with any kind of digital means. Such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, gadgets, social media, chatting app, spying apps, etc.

It also includes capturing bad photos and videos of people with or without their permission and threaten them to share on social media and chat groups out of revenge or draw some benefit.

Digital abuse is more common in the younger generation because they are more tech-savvy. Almost one-fourth of the teens in relationships reported suffered from digital abuse. Women and girls are more prone to it. Also, people from the LGBTQ community are more prone to it.


There could be a variety of possible reasons. But the commonest reasons are harassing others for revenge, out of jealousy and envy, blackmailing someone to take benefit out of it, demanding money or other benefits, and spying on people.

Harassing the girlfriend, boyfriend, ex. or spouses to take control over him or her, spying on girlfriend/boyfriend, spying on spouse mostly out of doubt. Threatening romantic partner for a sexual favor.

They use digital abuse to threaten people to take advantage or for extortion. Or to Bully others, to defame and insult, or to demoralize them.

Digital rage is also one of the important reasons for digital abuse.


They use the Internet and technology to execute this act. Such as mobile phone, tablet, computer, or any other gadgets, they may also do it through social media account, chatting app, calling app, spying app.

For example, spying on the romantic partner by installing some app in his phone, forcefully taking control of his/her social media accounts, checking his mobile phone and computer without permission with or without his knowledge.

Calling him several times out of doubt until he fades up. Checking his/her locations every 10 to 15 minutes when he/she is away. Newer generations are more prone to do digital abuse in relationships.

Using offensive photos and other content to blackmail people especially girls, friends, competitors, and the person we hate. Threatening people to send their explicit photos and videos.


Threatening people on phone calls, or with messages, or on social media.

Unnecessary or purposefully stocking to girls, women, and men on social media or other apps.

Putting doctored code into the computer or installing the dangerous app in someone’s mobile phone with or without his knowledge for spying, stocking, stealing information, or dishonor and defame people.

Writing something explicit content, post or status feed on social media or in the chatting groups to spread rumors, hate, disrespect, and dishonor people.


Digital abuse is possibly the most dangerous form of abuse now a day. It affects directly on person’s mental health.

Digital abuse has become the reason that has ruined people’s life, relationship, family, social status, and careers.

It is found that digital abuse is often associated with verbal, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. It is also associated with domestic violence in many instances.

As per the study done by Urban Institute, Victims of digital abused teens are 2 times more likely to be physically abused, 2.5 times more to be psychologically abused, and 5 times more to be sexually abused.

It can break you down emotionally, if reached to an extreme level this can become the reason for stress, anxiety, and depression.


Digital abuse is an unlawful, unethical, and inhuman act. You have all the right to your privacy, to choose the lifestyle you like and express your opinion. No one has the authority to force you for that, not even your spouse, parents, and family members.

End result of digital abuse is devastating sometimes which is why neglecting is not enough.

There are laws in every single country to counter digital abuse called digital abuse laws. If you find people doing this with you, you have all the rights to take legal action against them.

If you think your spouse or romantic partner is spying on you, keep checking your mobile phone, spy on your social medial account, call or text you to track your location or use social media to dishonor you. And they are doing it more than the tolerable limit. You need to stand against it and take the required action.

As in, try to talk with your partner, try to solve the problem with the conversation. If not possible ask someone to intervene, or take the help of a family counselor. In extreme cases, if they are still doing it try to rethink over your relationship with them.

If some random person is stalking you on social media and keeps sending you unwanted and intimidating messages, DMs, and keep calling you often.

Tell them what they are doing is not good and intimidating for you. If it still continues take legal action against them.

When someone is threatening you on phone or on social media, you can take legal action against them.

If you are scared, anxious, and depressed because of digital abuse and associated emotional and physical abuse. You must go for an expert health professional as soon as possible.

Parents must educate their children on this. Such as what is digital abuse, how it will affect people’s lives, and how they may get into trouble by doing this.

Last but not least you yourself have to take care of things. Don’t miss use technology, don’t give people a chance to do that, and don’t be the reason for starting digital abuse.

Or If you are the one who is abusing people with the use of technology, I must tell you what you are doing is an inhuman act and it can ruin someone’s life.

Stop doing it the right way you will be in trouble if they took action against you. Be rational with yourself and with others.

What is Digital abuse?

Using the internet and technology to defame, threaten, or bully people for revenge or to extract benefits out of it.

What is the other type of abuse?

We can typify abuse into several types based upon the way of abuse such as
1. Physical Abuse.
2. Mental and emotional abuse.
3. Sexual abuse.
4. Discrimination abuse.
5. Verbal abuse.

What do you mean by cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a part of digital abuse. In this condition, people use the help of the internet and technology to bully others.