6 Reasons Why Army Personnel Have Highest Happiness Index.

6 Reasons Why Army Personnel Have Highest Happiness Index.

army personnel have highest happiness index


Army personnel has the highest happiness index when compared with other professions. let us find out why

Now you must be wondering what could be the possible reason behind this phenomenon. Should I join the force if this is all true? Well you could, this is one of the most respected occupations but that is not all.

There could be several factors influencing our happiness of us including the army personnel. And if you elaborate all of them collectively you will know why people working for armed forces live happier, satisfied, and fulfilled life than other general people or people working in other professions.


The happiness index is nothing but a composite index that defines ones’ level of happiness, satisfaction with life, peace of mind, and wellbeing. It also includes a sense of community and a sense of social well beings. In another word, it shows how happy you are with your life, job, family, and surroundings.

If you compared among different professional army personnel have highest happiness index.


The happiness index plays a vital role in the quality of life you are living and will live. Research shows that people with high happiness index live longer than people with a lower happiness index.

People with high happiness index show high productivity and are less likely to feel burnout than those with less happiness index.

People with high happiness index have a low risk of getting heart diseases and strokes. They are less likely to develop mental illnesses such as anxiety-panic, and depression.

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Researches are available factors are listed below. Following are the possible factors that make this come true for the army personnel to have the highest happiness index,


As per psychologist and author of book Angela Lee DuckworthGrit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance”, Great is defined as the passion and perseverance you will possess in you to achieve long term goals.

In simple language, grit is your ability and dedication to keep trying, keep working, keep disciplined in hard times for days and years to achieve long-term goals.

Grittier people are less likely to quiet in tough times and can easily postpone gratification. And army personnel are trained for that.

But you must be wondering what makes them grittier than other people it is a feeling of purpose.

As per the author, there are a few factors that make a person grittier such as interest, feeling of purpose, growth mindset.

In the case of the army personnel, either one or all factors can be responsible to create grit but out of this feeling of purpose is most important. They always think that they are doing the greatest job of saving and protecting humanity and that is true indeed.

The author further added that grittier people are more likely to achieve individual success than other people. and success leads to a happy and prosperous life.

Hence, the army personnel has the highest happiness index than other professionals.


If you remember the example of building a cathedral by Simon Sinek in his famous book “Start With Why”. Among the workers who know that they are making an impact by making something larger than life was happier than other workers. This is because some worker has the feeling of purpose or feeling of making an impact but for others, it is just as daily monotonous and routine work.

As we saw earlier army personnel have a feeling of purpose. This simply means that by serving for national force and security, they have a feeling of making a contribution to something larger than life.

Whether serving or retired from service they know that they are making an impact or made an impact in people’s life. This feeling makes them grittier, happier, and more satisfied in life.

Because of this reason army personnel has the highest happiness index.

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People working in forces are found to be more optimistic and with high enthusiasm. Could be because of the high level of patriotism or job calling or because of different measures taken by officials to boost the optimism of soldiers.

Some exceptions may be there but it is true for most of the personnel as per my experience.

Research suggests that anyone with an optimistic attitude is most likely to perform well in work, and in social situations. Because of all these reasons army personnel is likely to stay happy most of the time.


Here term brotherhood means the feeling of love, kindness, affection toward the people in any way related to us such as working in the same union, same workplace, for the same project, or for the same job.

If you observe any army personnel around you they have very high brotherhood. Though soldiers working in the same platoon comes from a different region, different ethnicity, different race, and different religion they are nothing less than a brother to each other. They love each other like a brother and are always ready to help each other. They are always ready to help each other in hard times.

This brotherhood is the source of happiness for army personnel. Brotherhood makes them feel safe, secured, helped, connected and social.


Because army personnel has to go through hard and vigorous training which includes training that increases mental strength and physical strength. Also, they always have to work in difficult situations where keeping a tap on emotions is required. Such as war-like situations.

Collectively all this makes them able to tolerate any kind of high-pressure situation. They are good at keeping calm and not losing focus in stressful situations.

In another word, we can say that they have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Research shows that people will high emotional intelligence are more likely to lead a happier, more fulfilled, and more satisfying life.

This factor contributes to army personnel having high happiness index.


Though this is comparatively not a that significant factor still it matters in happiness. Army personnel has a comparatively stable life than most other people.

They have stable jobs which help them to stay sufficient to feed the family and take care of all other needs of the family.

Research suggests that family income is associated with happiness in army personnel.

Though they may not earn much like other high-end jobs and businesses they make enough.


Excluding some exceptions generally, army personnel have a high happiness index. By making them lead a happier, healthier, and more socially responsible life.


Why do army personnel lead happy and more fulfilled life than other professionals?

Following are six factors responsible for the army personnel to leade happier and fulfilled life,
1. Grit.
2. Feeling of making an impact.
3. Optimism
4. Brotherhood.
5. High Emotional Intelligence Quotient.
6. Stable life.

What do you mean by Grit?

As per psychologist and author, Angella Duckworth grit is passion and perseverance that any person shows to achieve long-term goals.

How happiness index helps in measuring how happy you are?

The happiness index is a composite indicator that shows your level of satisfaction with life, with your surrounding, and with your community.