Secret To Man’s Happiness Revealed, This Is What Makes Men Happy.

Secret To Man’s Happiness Revealed, This Is What Makes Men Happy.

Makes men happy
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Makes men happy

Our life is nothing but the pursuit of happiness. We are always in search of things that will make us happy. Much research has been done on what makes us happy and still going on.

What if we narrowed our focus even more on what makes men happy? Why some men are happier than others? What are the secrets to men’s happiness?

We will land on multiple factors that can make men happy. There are hundreds of factors that influence men’s happiness.

I have sorted out the nine most important factors that will make men lead a happy and satisfying life. In another word, if you see the unhappy man he may lack one or more of the following factors in his life.

What makes men and what makes women happy may differ. Here we only focus on men’s happiness.

Also, what makes men happy may differ in different countries and in different geographical locations but when consider the majority following are the most probable indicator of men’s happiness.


Job satisfaction is probably rank on number one on the list. It is found in one research that men who are regularly working in jobs and business are more satisfied and happy in life.

This may be because of our evolutionary instinct. Back in the cavemen’s day women used to manage the home while men used to be the breadwinners. A man used to roam around the jungle to hunt, collect roots and fruits to bring food home. In later days when humans started farming and animal husbandry, the story remains the same. Men used to work on farms or graze animals for whole days while women make the home.

Though today men and women are equal, women are making an equal impact as man and few men are ready to be a homemaker while women work outside. But talking about large percent of men, they will still prefer to work outside.

This doesn’t mean they are rude, materialistic, or male patriarch but they feel fulfilled and pleased winning bread for the family, providing financial security to the family, more than that they want to make a positive impact for their company and for society.

men who have job satisfaction are most likely to stay motivated, and the happiest person. So, Job makes men happy.


As per the research conducted by Harvard medical school happiness has a close association with family, life partner, children, and social circle. Men in long term relationship are found happier than those in short term relationship, single, unmarried or divorced men.

Though because of multiple reasons men these days avoiding relationships and choose to stay single instead. But we can’t undermine our evolutionary instinct, living as a single for a lifetime is hard. The time comes in every noncommitted men’s lives when they feel the need for family and life partner.

It may differ in different countries. For example, as per on survey, in the U.K. relationship is a more important factor than for American men. Where Americans value works more. Distant English relatives of Americans i.e. people from the United Kingdom and Australia feel happier with being in the relationship and being a parent

As per one study, In Europe men having children are happier than childless parents whereas in the United states childless parents are happier than those having children. Many men have admitted that the birth of their child is the happiest moment in their life

If we generalize this term, men with family and children are happier than single men. Hence, relationship and having children surely makes men happy.


This is the third most important thing which makes men happy. Human is a social animal more than men are more likely to socialize than women may be because of having a wide circle of friends and habit of working outside.

Extroverted people especially men who socialize more than introverted people are found more satisfied with life and happier.

Since prehistoric times humans are living in groups. It became part and parcel of our life. We humans can’t leave alone for a longer time.

The best example I can give to prove this is an experience we got in quarantine. Those people who were in quarantine during lockdown can tell you how frustrating and boring loneliness is.  

That is why men who often socialize with friends and associates are happier than other men who don’t. Socializing with friends and associates makes men happy.

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Men from different regions may have different opinions on this. Men who are indulged in the sport directly or indirectly may it be for a long or short time are happier than those who don’t.

Multiple factors could be responsible for this such as athletic people are fitter and healthier, playing sports secrets positivity hormones e.g. Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins or they feel more masculine which keep them motivated and happy. Even watching sports matches can be fun for most men. The bottom line sports make men happy.  


The sense of being in power makes men happy. They feel more masculine and strong when in power. It boosts their confidence.

Power and Position give them chance to take part in decision making which in turn helps them to feel more masculine.

In other words men with power and position likely to feel more manly and satisfied. This is why power plays important role in men’s happiness.


Healthy and fit men are happier. I think this is a matter of common sense and no explanation needed to prove this. Not only men this is true for everyone. No one of us likes to be stick to the bed and not enjoying life because of diseases and disabilities.

A healthy person can enjoy a wide variety of freedom in life and can do a lot of constructive things.


This is the subject to argue. People could have a variety of opinions on whether wealth plays role in men’s happiness or not. Some of you may say money can’t buy happiness or some may have the opposite opinion to this.

But I must admit men having money have great chances of being satisfied and happy in life in comparison with poor and miserable men.

Because in majorities of household men still are the breadwinner. They are working hard to earn money to provide financial security to his family. With money, they can give families a high living standard, can send children to better schools and higher studies, and can provide high-end medical help to the family.

Hence wealthy men feel safe for their family when with wealth this will, in turn, lead to a happy and satisfying life.

You can argue that money brings unhappiness in life but it ultimately depends upon you. If you leave your family and your loved ones behind just to earn money ultimately you will pay for it.


Men who embrace the pros and cons of a given age are found happier and likely to enjoy the perks of that age.

Happiness may fluctuate in different decades of life. One study shows that men’s happiness increasing from age of 30 and reaches its peak at the age of 37 years. Maybe because men are at the highest level of their career at this age. At the age of 35-40 years, they are settled in a career, most of them have found a life partner and have children. At this age, they can enjoy success, family time, wealth, and health.

In the 4th decade of life, it is found that men are stressed and anxious may be because of an excess burden to take care of family children as well as aged parents.

Happiness again peaks in men between 65 to 80 years of age. Maybe because children are all settled, retired from the job, have enough money in the pocket, and can enjoy life with peace.

While adolescent men are found out more anxious and unhappy because of the struggle to make existence and impact in life and in society.


It is found in multiple pieces of research on the relation of spirituality and happiness that spiritual people are happier than nonbelievers. The same goes with the man, believer men are happier than non-believer men.

No one knows the exact reason, I can make out few possible reasons. Spiritual people have more sense of belonging. They feel belonged to a group of people with the same belief. Or they are more likely to socialize by going to spiritual places, meetings, and functions. Spirituality makes men happy.

What is the secret to men’s happiness?

Following are the nine most important things that make men happy,
1. Job satisfaction.
2. Being in a relationship and having children.
3. Socializing with friends.
4. Playin and watching sports.
5. Power.
6. Health and fitness.
7. Wealth.
8. Embrace aging.
9. Spirituality.

Why job satisfaction is most important indicator of men’s happiness.

Working at a job or business helps them follow evolutionary instinct and also make a positive impact on society.

Will the marriage, family and children makes men happy?

The answer is yes. Except few majorities of men admitted that they are happy having committed relationship, family and children.