Work From Home: 7 Hacks To Stay Energetic And Productive For Entire Day While Working From Home.

Work From Home: 7 Hacks To Stay Energetic And Productive For Entire Day While Working From Home.

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Work from home has become a common entity today. Since the coronavirus pandemic started companies asked people to stay at home and work from home to be safe.

Work from home was there in some industries but not all it has become common now and almost everyone has worked from home in lockdown.

Initially, people liked this idea especially introverts like me. But later people start experiencing boredom, tiredness, burnout with decreased productivity.

We famously called this condition as “ZOOM FATIGUE”. Several people wrote about it and several researches and studies are there to prove that zoom fatigue is affecting people.

Have you ever experience this? Did you ever felt bored and tired after a long videoconferencing session while working from home?  Do you get anxious every day when you wake up and think, “Oh god not again”? Do you feel you are not as productive working from home as in the office?

Probably yes. Many of us have experienced it once or many times and wonder if there is a good way to tackle this.

Well, there are hacks that will help you to be productive during work from home. Continue reading…


Surprisingly study shows that around 60% of people admitted that they are more productive while working from home.

Though this has different reasons like they don’t have a commute to the workplace, working from home is money-saving, they can spend more time with family, they can check-in and check out on time, feel more comfortable at home.

But there are 40% of people still there who are suffering from productivity loss and fatigue.

Some researchers think that this is panic productivity. People work enthusiastically initially when working from home started but after few months they start getting tired and fatigued.

Especially newbies like us who have never worked from home to date and recently started since pandemic has started are the most prone to zoom fatigue and decreased productivity.


Well it is there, here are 7 ways to make your work from home fun while being productive and at peace all along and every day.

Excited? Continue reading,


According to me, the morning routine is the first and most important factor to consider if you want to increase your productivity while working from home.

For example, when you used to go to the office it was routine to wake up early in the morning followed by other things like morning exercise, getting ready on time, having breakfast, leaving for the office, and checking in on time. There was no compromise in the morning routine.

But since you are at home you have ample time to check-in so it is chances that you will wake up late in the morning, you may not exercise avoid taking bath, you don’t have to be presentable at home so you will not wear cozy clothes and so on…

The disturbed morning routine will start your day lazy and it will continue throughout the day. It will reflect on your work.

If you want to be fresh, energetic, and productive throughout the day give special attention to the morning routine.

Get up on time, lift some weight, get fresh, prepare yourself as you used to for the office, have a good and healthy breakfast, read your today’s schedule before checking in, If not make your today’s schedule.

There are several benefits of following morning routine such as you will feel good about yourself, there are chances that you will put on weight at home as kitchen is nearby exercise will help you to stay in shape, if well-groomed and well-dressed you look professional.

Most important is your subconscious mind will get convinced that you are serious about your duty and will facilitate your focus on work only. This will reduce body-mind dissonance and will help you to stay productive for sure.

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Making a schedule is a part of a morning routine. Every day before checking in make a schedule of the work you will do today, meetings to attend, and how much time you will spend on each task. Don’t forget to add in the schedule that how much time you will spend with your family today.

The schedule will help you to stay on time for every meeting and work. You will have an idea of which thing to do first and what to do after.

This habit will help you to stay up to date and you will sound professional and punctual to your boss and colleagues.

This way you will be prompt and productive in the work from home.


Self-care is important to everyone especially to people who work from home. Because if you do not stay fit physically and mentally your productivity and efficiency both will go down. So don’t avoid taking care of your physical and mental health.

Self-care for example, taking a good amount of sleep, early to bed and early to rise, skin routine, exercise, healthy diet, creating a happy-go-lucky and positive environment at home, spending quality time with family, and maintaining a gratitude journal.

If you are fit and healthy you will obviously become productive.


If you want to work more efficiently and without any disturbance, you must have a dedicated spot for work at your home.

Spot such as an isolated room or someplace in your home where you can sit for the whole day and now on will disturb you.

Having a dedicated spot has several benefits for example If you are working from a bed or couch or kitchen table you may feel cozy for some time. But you will become lazy, you will seat in an uncomfortable position that will eventually affect your posture or may cause back pain. Though you are working but your mind knows that you don’t have to be presentable like in the office. This mindset will reduce your productivity.

Also in the kitchen or in the bedroom people in your house may have chances to sneak in and disturb you.

Set fix spot in your home as a home office where all your important stuff will be around along with a good internet connection. Family members will stay away as they know it is your personal place of work.

This will help you to work uninterrupted and effortlessly.


Though you doing work from home and don’t have to face the boss still you have to be serious about work.

For example, you can’t do other household works during office hours like looking after children or helping your spouse to do some chores.

Or people and pets in your family may stroll near or behind you and it will become an awkward situation for you especially when you are on videoconference.

To avoid this, you have to set some boundaries and make rules for people in your house. Such as no one will disturb you when you are working unless important, Children will stay away from the working area during office hours, no household work during office hours. Feed your pet in advance. Let your friends know you are not available during working hours.


Taking frequent breaks in between the working hours becomes important to save your energy, enthusiasm and stay productive during work from home. The breaks should be multiple short breaks and one or two long breaks.

For example, experts like Jay Shetty advise taking multiple short breaks of at least 5 min after every video conferencing session. You may think that five minutes is not enough but you can do multiple things in these short breaks. Such as you can make important calls, or take a small walk just outside your home, stretch your leg and body, you can have tea or coffee or you can meditate for a while.

Also, there must be one or two long breaks of at least half-hour. On long breaks you can have snacks, tea-coffee can chat with family members or can take a rest.

Breaks will be a quick refreshment in between work and meetings. I strongly advise you to use this break to do things other than work as stated above so that your brain doesn’t get saturated with the same stuff all day long and you feel bored and tired.


As you work from home it becomes hard to keep work life and family life different. It has become nothing but a task for people. But there is no excuse.

You must learn the skill to keep your work-life i.e. professional life and family life separate. If you try to mix these two, chaos is meant to happen.

For example, though you set up your office in your home That doesn’t give you permission to involve your family in your work. Be professional.

Whatever happens during your office time stays with you or if you want to discuss something do with your spouse.

When your work hours end leave the work aside and be with your family with your whole heart.

By any chance you are angry, stressed, or sad don’t bring those emotions into the family. It will make you sound professional and the environment at home will remain light at happy-go-lucky. That will further help you to stay productive

How do you ensure productivity during working from home?

Following 7 hacks will help you to stay energetic and productive while working from home,
1. Set a morning routine.
2. Make a schedule of work.
3. Self-care.
4. Dedicated spot in the home for work from home.
5. Work rules for the family.
6. Take frequent breaks in-between.
7. Keep work life and family life separate.

Does working from home increases productivity?

Research shows that productivity has increased in most people could be because of ease and flexibility or because of panic productivity. But yet a significant portion of people shone decreased productivity and zoom fatigue.

Is work from home good or bad?

It is subjective. In some industries, you can work from home without any problem but in some industries, it is important to be physically present at the worksite.