millennials avoiding commitments
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millennials avoiding commitments

Research shows that millennials are postponing relationships and marriages. They are less likely to get committed at an early age when compared to preceding generations. They are preferring to stay single for a longer time than starting a relationship.

Those who are getting married, are doing it late when compared with previous generations. This becomes the subject of concern for the parents of the millennials.

Millennials are most likely to remain a sexual for a longer period of time and this may not be the good thing.

Now questions arise why are millennials avoiding commitments?  Are they devaluing the relationship? Are they not serious about love life? or what makes them resistant to get committed?

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Before diving deep in this topic we need to understand who are these millennials or aka (GEN-Y),


The term millennials refer to the children born between 1981 to 1996 (Though this date range has different views but this one is more acceptable) i.e. those who are at the age between 21 to 39 years old in 2020 are millennial generation.

Generation preceding millennials is called as GEN-X and the one succeeding is called as GEN-Z.

Millennials are children of Baby boomers generation (19461964). People have given multiple names to the millennials generation because of their behavior and lifestyle.

Millennials are highly educated most of them are postgraduate, ambitious, goal-oriented, independent, confident, and kind but they are also a little bit materialistic, desperate, and obsessive for success.


It is seen in multiple research that millennial generations are resistant to commitments. They are dating less, avoiding life in, not having much sex, not ready to get committed, and not getting married early when compared with preceding generations.

Millennials’ parents and research enthusiasts are confused and concerned over why millennials are taking the slow road to love. Is the delaying marriage is the secrete of long-lasting marriage or Are they afraid of commitments?

One or more such questions are arising in their mind and they are eagerly trying to find out the answer to these questions.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher coined the term “SLOW LOVE” for such a condition.

It is also found that succeeding generations to millennials such as GEN-Z and GEN-ALFA are also following the senior’s generation’s foot-steps i.e. they also taking a slow path to love.

Though today keeping in touch has become easy because of a variety of means, for instance, mobile phone, social media, variety of chat messengers, dating apps, meeting websites. Still, the millennials are preferring to stay single for a longer time.

As per one report, in the United States of America average age of millennials getting married, for males, it is around 29-30 years and for females, it is 25-26 yrs. Which is way more than GEN—X (For men- 24.7 years and for women-22 years) and BABY BOOMERS (For men-23.1 years and for women’s-21.1years).

Also, millennials have average time of dating is more than 3 years which again more than the previous generations still indecisive on whether to get married or not.

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The important reasons are responsible that lead millennials to avoid commitments are.


Life’s priorities of millennial generations have changed significantly than before. Millennials are giving more priority to career, achieving success, making an impact, and traveling the world.

They are obsessed with their career and goal so as so that they are neglecting their personal life as well as family life.

It could be because while making a plan to achieve goal and success millennials are not counting their future life partner in it.

That’s why they are waiting to achieve the goal first and eventually staying single for a longer time. This is a significant cause of why millennials avoiding commitments.


Though millennials have the highest rate of becoming a millionaire but they have the hardest time earning money because of multiple reasons.

For instance, the millennial generation has suffered multiple recessions, setbacks, inflations, terror attacks, and now COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, costly education, education loans, job recession make the difficult road to earn the living.

In case of earning and saving money millennials are one of the unluckiest generation.

Before starting a relationship, they want to earn enough money to create a safe future.


Several distractions are there in between millennials and relationship such as,

Overuse of technology and social media is a significant distraction in relationships due to increased screen time and not giving enough time to love interest.

As per one research millennials are not able to move out of parent’s home because of money crunches.19

In view to cut expenses, they are living with the parent for longer time or with friends as a sharing roommate and less likely to move in with a girlfriend or get married.

Obsession with achieving success as soon as possible is also a significant distraction for millennials.

They want to get reach as soon as possible for loan repayment, buy a place to live, and for a secure future. They are neglecting love life for this.

Those who have the goal of traveling the world don’t have time for relationships.



Failed parenting is also a potential reason why millennials are not getting committed. Millennials are the children of the baby boomer generation.

I must say that baby boomers have failed as parents because of multiple reasons such as increased divorce, children raised by single parents mostly mother, increased foster parenting unavailable parents.

Baby boomers failed to pass guiding support to millennials This is why millennials are forging their own path by themselves, taking all the pressure of life and society on themselves and creating future without any help.

Also, baby boomers also failed as a parent to pass that masculine power and family value to their children.

Because of this millennials have become softer and low in emotional intelligence, making them stressed and anxious.

On top of that they are not able to bear the excessive pressure of responsibilities, life struggle, and society because they are not taught by their parent how to deal with all such problems.

Millennials may not want to repeat their parent’s mistakes.

Decreased family values, absent parental support, and childhood fears that arise from failed relationships with parents making them more resistant for commitment.  


The rise of the internet and cellular phones has created technology revolutions today. It wasn’t there in previous generations.

Millennials are spending too much time on the internet and not giving time to the relationship.

In older days meeting was like actually meeting face to face and now meeting means texting, chatting online, calling on video calls, and social media.

No matter how much you chat or call but to develop true love you need face-off because it is our evolutionary instinct.

Even though sometimes they hang out but instead of focusing on partners, they are busier with phones and gadgets. This behavior is creating the communication gap between them.

The overuse of technology is making them dopaminergic. The overwhelming feeling that comes after dopamine surge is making them addicted to technology. The overuse of social media makes us sad and lonely.

Big thing short technology making them antisocial, anxious, and creating distractions in relationships.  


As I am from the millennial generation I can better explain this. All the millennials are anxious over the future because of lots of uncertainty about the future.

Millennials need to earn to pay the loan, pay bills, buy a place to live, to support family and retirement funds.

But in the cut-throat competition it becomes hard to get a job. If somehow they got a job, it is very hard to stay longer in the job. These insecurities weren’t there in previous generations.

The anxiety of future making them more stressed. To create a sound future they are the dead focus of the future and not giving enough time to the relationship.

That doesn’t mean that millennials don’t value relationships but they just wanted to make it secure financially. And waiting for the right time to get into a relationship.


Because of the technology revolution, the world has come even more closer. It becomes easy to chat and talk online through mobile phones, social media, and many different means.

Though this is a good thing because it created ease in millennials’ life but cheating in relationships is also increased. Leading to more troubles in relationships such as breakups and divorces.

Those who got cheated have chances that he/she most likely avoid relationship or commitment next time.

From the above reasons we get the good insight why millennials avoiding commitments. that means they are not afraid of commitments but they have to different priorities and goals. 

Millennials need to rethink their view on commitments and marriage for their own good. If required they can go for professional counseling or take advice from the elderly at home.

It is possible to achieve success and stay in a relationship at the same time.

Why millenials avoiding commitments?

There are several reasons responsible why millennials avoiding commitments i.e. relationships and marriage. Out of all following are the few important reasons,
1. Changed priorities.
2. Monitory problems.
3. Distractions.
4. Failed parenting.
5. Technology.
6. The anxiety of the future.
7. cheating and betrayal.

What do yo mean by slow love?

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher coined the term “SLOW LOVE” for such a condition. Which means accepting the slow path to love and relationships.

Do millennials believe in love?

Absolutely, they indeed believe in love but before getting into a relationship they want to focus on other things like success, money career, and future security.

Why millennials are so anxious about the future?

They are anxious because of a lot of uncertainty about future.