If you check on the internet you will find thousands and millions of motivational posters and articles, talks and speeches, audios, and videos. Thousands of motivational content creators and motivational speakers are working day and night.

And people are consuming their content voraciously.

Have you ever wondered why it is so?  Why people are consuming so much motivational content, is it really helpful? Is motivation really to work on coping with stress and pain? Is motivation helpful in achieving goals and objectives?

If you are curious to know whether motivation is helpful in reaching goals and coping with stress and pain you are in the right place. Continue reading below…


Motivation is defined as a desire to take any action in view of achieving something e.g Goal or getting rid of something e.g. pain and stress.

Motivation can be internal such as your positive thoughts, and hope, or external influences from external factors such as motivational quotes, banners, books, speeches, audio, and videos.

Generally, people need motivation in two situations, the first is to achieve the goals and objectives, to start something, to keep going on your task, or to take a risk.

Other situations when you need motivation are when you wanted to get rid of sorrow, worry, pain, hopelessness, Heartbreaks, defeats, stress, and strain.


When we read, listen to, or watch the motivational content it influences our Reward Pathway. The Reward Pathway secretes dopamine neurotransmitters.

Dopamine is called the hormone of future happiness. When our brain receives motivational input, we start thinking of working on something that will be rewarding or useful for us in the future. This feeling makes us feel energetic and happy.

For instance, if you work on your goal one day you will achieve it. Which may cause you successful, famous, or devoid of pain. This feeling makes us feel energetic, active, and happy. This feeling may continue for a few hours to several days.

Though motivation doesn’t last long it works like a pro in acute conditions.


Different people have different opinions on this. Some people think that motivation is a waste of time and some think that it is helpful actually both of them are correct. Because motivation provides you the force to take action it depends upon you how you react to it.

Research shows that motivated people are most likely to achieve their goals early because they are more likely to take action.

Working on a long-term goal is like a roller-coaster ride you have phases when you think like winning and phases when you feel like losing, the latter phase is longer and repetitive. You need the motivation to keep going when you feel like losing the game or feel hopeless and lost.

Motivation acts as an energy amplifier when you feel down and demotivated. It amplifies your zeal to achieve what you are working for.

Motivation is useful for reaching goals especially if it is risky or it is long-term. But it could be a waste if you are not taking appropriate actions.


Some people may say that motivation is like pain killer medicine, and work like escapism from emotional pain and it does not correct the reason responsible for your condition.

I partially agree with this, though motivation is not the final cure for your stress, frustration, anxiety, pain, and depression motivation is helpful in the initial phase and in the acute phase. Because, when high on emotion our emotional brain overpowers, and even paralyzes the thinking brain.  

When one is in pain his logical brain stop working for a while in such a case motivation will provide some time to hold on until he found out the possible solution or consult with an expert, doctor, or counselor.


Motivation is good if you are using it for a good purpose but if you are getting your motivation from wrong and illegal things like criminals, frauds, and immoral things, it will be disastrous.

From where you are getting your motivation is directly related to your personality. If you are a good person you take motivation from good things only and vice versa.

Motivation is indeed good but you need to understand that it is not the final solution to your problems, pain, hardship, apathy, and hopelessness. It just gives you time to figure out something or gives you a boost to keep going.

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Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic,


Intrinsic motivation is nothing but self-motivation. Our positive thoughts help us to stay motivated in tough times. If you see, most of the successful people in the world are self-motivated.

Hope is the most important factor to stay motivated. As per one study done by C.R. Snyder Psychologist at the University of Kansas, Snyder finds, that people with hope share certain traits, among them being able to motivate themselves, being resourceful enough to find out ways to achieve the objective, reassure themselves in tough times that one-day things will get better and being flexible enough if the goal is impossible.

Hope keeps you hooked on your goal or keeps you positive and optimistic for a better future when you are in pain.

Optimism is like hope, according to Snyder optimism is a cousin to hope. It is an attitude that guards people against falling into apathy, hopelessness, or depression.

Optimism is highly motivating in tough times provided it must be realistic optimism.

Author Daniel Goleman in the book Emotional Intelligence explained the effect of hope and optimism in detail.

Other things that affect intrinsic motivation are ones skills, good habits, positive and optimistic goals, self-worth, race, color, talents, etc.


This is the common source of motivation. Extrinsic or external things that may motivate you could be anything, for instance, motivational posters, articles, talks, speeches, audio, or video.

For some people, it could be books, personality, autobiography, other’s success, other’s lifestyle, and talent. And the list goes on.

Extrinsic motivation is based on your personality, your work, and the environment around you.

For instance, If you are into business you may get motivated by other successful business people, if you are a sports person you will get motivated by other successful sportspersons like messy, Ronaldo, Federer or if you are into art you will get motivation from artists. If you are surrounded by criminally minded people you are likely to get motivated by them.

So, if you are going through tough times, hopelessness, or pain go for the motivation without any hesitation.


Motivation is actually helpful in acute situations or for short term. but on longer terms you have to figur out the itiology and solutions to your problems.

What is the definition of motivation?

Motivation is defined as a desire to take any action in view of achieving something e.g Goal or getting rid of something e.g. pain and stress.

What are the types of motivation?

Motivation can be typified into several categories depending upon different criteria. But generally, there are two types
1. Intrinsic motivation
2. Extrinsic motivation

How do I get motivated every day?

At least once a day we feel down and demotivated and to keep going we need motivation. Here are the ways to keep yourself motivated every day,
1. Be hopeful.
2. Be optimistic.
3. Work on self-improvement.
4. Know your self-worth.
5. Have a purpose.
6. Work on the goal.
7. Hang out with motivated people.