motivated in tough times

Waxing and waning are part and parcel of life. Somewhere at the point of life, we all have to go through tough times, no one is spared from this.

The best example I can give in today’s date is the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Pandemic. The worldwide lockdown is going on, millions of people lost their jobs, getting run out of money, getting psyched due to sitting at home for months, millions of people lost their loved ones.

People are going through tough times and no one knows when it will end. On top of that people have their share of problems that are responsible for more hardship in life.

In such a condition it is likely to feel down, sad, hopeless, powerless, and depressed and desperate to get over it.

No matter how hard life is getting we have to sail through these tough times to find the oasis of peace, happiness, and good times. And to do this we need to keep ourselves motivated every day and every faction of the time.

If you are going through a tough time now and confused and hopeless on how to stay strong and motivated in this time continue reading,


Hope is the greatest motivator. All humanity is based upon hope.

If you are hopeful, it makes your brain think that one day this hardship will end and a good time will come. Hope is a powerful weapon that will keep you motivated in tough times that one day everything will fall in place.

To give the most appropriate example to explain this is, during the Jewish Holocaust in WW-II. The Jewish people lost everything their riches, loved once and status but they never lose hope of good times, and eventually, after a few years, they regain everything they lost.

This is how hope works like magic. If life remains you will achieve everything again when good time comes. 


The situation of tough time may last for several days to months maybe years but that doesn’t mean it will never last. Be patient and wait until the right time to come. Desperation about the hardship to last makes you more anxious and sad but patience will give the power to stay strong and stay hopeful.


Troubles in life increase our negative angle for every situation and incident happening with us and around us. In tough times every small situation makes us feel down because of negativity inside and around us. Negativity makes the problem appear more intense.

In this case staying away from negativity like negative people, negative incidence and negative thoughts is the best way to stay motivated.

Stay positive and hopeful, avoid negative people, and don’t let your brain to think negatively.



Overthinking is most common when one is going through hardship and tough times. If you stop overthinking 50% of your problems will disappear.

Overthinking project small problem as serious and monstrous but in real life, it is just like another common problem. Overthinking will lead us to hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, and panic. It makes us feel down, unmotivated, and powerless.

You need to learn to stop overthinking while in trouble rather than think realistic and rational. When you get rid of overthinking we will feel relaxed and less tense, your anxiety will either reduce or vanishing totally. You will feel energetic, strong, and motivated.

There are several ways with which you can get rid of overthinking. For example, knowing your real strength, thinking realistic and rational, trying to find the solution to your situation, confronting, and optimism.



Willpower is a strong determination to do something difficult or achieve something hard goal or things. Willpower is a mental ability that required to achieve difficult things.

Will or strong determination of no matter how hard life gets, you will never give up will keep you motivated in tough times.


Optimism is finding a positive angle in the darkest time. The optimist is people who are always hopeful for positive and favorable results in a hard time.

Always be optimistic for good times, this time will certainly last one day.

Take this hardship as a life lesson and opportunity to learn something. Hard times are the greatest teacher in life, you get to learn many things about yourself, about people and how to deal with the problems.


There is always a reason behind your present troubles and condition. Instead of wasting your energy on thinking how tough your life has become, focus on diagnosing the problem and finding the solution for it.

Problem-solving helps you to get out of the present condition maybe it will end your tough time or will make your life a little better and you will feel positive and motivated.


No matter how tough your life is, always be grateful for what you have. Because people are out there who are far poorer than you, who are living such a hard life that you can’t imagine. You are not the only one who has problems in life several people facing the same or even more severe problems.

Being grateful for what you have will keep yourself motivated in tough times.


A self-belief will also keep us motivated in a hard time. Self-belief is trusting your abilities to deal with problems and hard times.

Believe in yourself that you can and you will handle every problem coming to your way.

What do you mean by tough times or hardship?

It is the situation of struggles, setbacks, and emotional trauma.
The reason could be anything, for instance, job loss, break ups, divorce, loss of loved ones, economic loss, and the list goes on.

How do you keep yourself motivated in tough times?

Keeping yourself motivated in tough times is essential. It helps us to cope with stress. The following are the 9 ways with which you can keep yourself motivated in hard times.
1. Always be hopeful for good times.
2. Patience.
3. Stay away from negativity.
4. Stop overthinking.
5. Strong willpower.
6. Optimism.
7. Problem-solving.
8. Gratitude.
9. Self-belief.

Is tough time good or bad?

Tough times are troubling and painful. It can break people emotionally. But it is said that everyone should experience it at least once in life because a tough time is the greatest teacher.
Tough times help you recognize fake people and genuine well-wisher, help you to get mentally strong, and develop coping mechanisms. It makes you tougher and wiser.